Is Social Media Important in Today’s Society?

Social media

Social Media plays a valuable role in the way people network, market, socialize, and even pass leisurely time. Although we try our best to stray away from social media because it can be a distraction it has become a mere necessity in our everyday lives. We use social media as a method of communication, a way to stay informed, and it has become a marketing platform for individuals and businesses.

Changing the way, we communicate

Say goodbye to penning letters and video-chatting over internet services such as Skype and Oovoo and make room for a faster way to communicate!

When social media started to become popular it provided society with an easier method of communicating to those across the world. We would no longer have to wait days to receive a response nor hours for our dial-up connection to go through. Social media has evolved a more efficient way to stay in tune with other’s everyday lives. Whether it is a grandmother who lives a couple states away or a busy friend who you don’t see often, you will always know what they do because of social media. Social media has also increased our ability to make friends across the country who may share similar interests. Have you ever thought that you may share the same music taste as someone who lives in India? Well now you can because social media can connect the both of you based on what you both like. Another interesting thing that social media does is connect you to accounts and people who have a few similar interests just like you. This database that social media creates can help people find roommates, find ideas on how to decorate their living space, or to meet up with a group of others who have a common interest.

Marketing ourselves and Marketing businesses

Over the years of social media’s growth, it has become a way for everyone to market either their talents or for those who run small businesses. We market ourselves every day, showcasing our lifestyle and what talents we possess whether it’s photography, cooking, jewelry making, baking, or traveling. When we change our social media profiles to hold a certain aesthetic we are marketing ourselves to companies who may want to showcase our accounts to a certain audience. Other people who may see these accounts with certain aesthetics may feel inspired to want to live the same way, thus increasing the database. Social media is important in this aspect because it is an important concept that our society stays inspired throughout life by seeing what others do, this helps us to reach the same exact goals. Social media and marketing are also great for those who are trying to start a business. Someone who is pursuing photography or cooking might showcase their social media account as purely cooking or photography, in hopes of gathering clientele to expand and gain more experience. Those who do own stores and businesses may create social media accounts to get more people into their customer base. Instagram has now allowed accounts to verify themselves as an official business or shop page, including a space in the bio to post a website, contact information, and even hours of the store. Social media can be a helpful platform for businesses to increase their customer database.

Staying informed

Social media has always been important because it can be regarded as a news outlet as well. Although Google is not a form of social media it can link us to other forms of social media that have news articles. YouTube is a suitable place to watch videos and snippets from newscasts, award shows, opinionated videos, or even if you just wanted a short summary of a news report. Twitter and Snapchat have two features where viewers can feature news articles along with the normal content that Twitter and Snapchat serve. The news articles are separated by categories such as news, world news, politics, science stories, weird facts, etc. Although it is not from your average news stations it is still a great platform to keep viewers informed of what’s going on in our world today. The news features also keeps their app viewers coming back to keep checking what news updates are provided every day. Social media also helps people stay informed of latest trends in fashion, interior decorating, and overall just what people are into nowadays. Apps like Pinterests, Wanelo, and Etsy creates a database of things people would be interested in and then gives it directly to the people for sale or just to look. Pinterest is a great app to get organized and to get inspiration for those who are trying to redecorate, want to get a new tattoo, want to travel, or who are trying to bake a fancy dessert. Social Media has also provided a way to teach people how to learn new talents. Whether it is watching a 5-minute video on how to cook poached eggs or a 30 minute documentary on how to play the tuba there is always something to learn on social media.

Yes! Social Media Holds a Great Deal of Value to Society

Social media is important! We utilize it every day more than we think we do. Companies such as Apple and Android along with other people as well have crafted apps that help us make our every day lives a lot easier. Social media has evolved the way we communicate and how we do it, it has provided an easier convenience to everyone. It has also become an important marketing platform for those who use social media to advertise themselves and businesses. Social media allows us to express who we are as well as showcase our amazing talents. Lastly, social media provides us with several news outlets, we can stay informed because of social media. Social media is important all around because of the necessities it provides us with.