Recommended Pre-Op Diet for lap band surgery

Pre-op diet is crucial for lap band surgery because it reduces the fat around your liver and stomach. It also makes your bariatric surgery safer and smoother. The pre-op diet is high in protein that protects the muscle tissues and preserves the muscle fuel from burning. It helps to burn stored fats in the body. Also, this is a low-calorie diet that uses the stored fats as a source of energy instead of muscle tissues. Here, we will talk about the recommended pre-op diet for lap band.

Pre-operative diet

The recommended diet is a calorie-restricted diet that contains the protein and liquid before the lap-banding procedure. The daily calorie intake of this diet is 800 to 1,200 calories which contain 70 to 120 g of protein. The refined sugar items, saturated fats, high carbohydrate foods, and dietary fat are advised to avoid. The bariatric surgeons recommend that start the pre-op diet before two to three months of your surgery as it enhances the process of weight loss. You need to take a liquid protein diet for a couple of weeks before the lap band surgery that may prepare your body for the transition of post-op diet. It is typically recommended that you require losing ten percent weight before surgery as it can lower the risks of complications for gastric banding. Following are some suggestion that will tell you what you eat and what you avoid before the surgical procedure.

What to eat:

The recommended pre-op diet for lap band has two kinds of foods that help you to reduce the body weight and shrink your liver. These foods are high protein and low carbohydrates foods. The foods that are high in protein are vegetables, low-fat dairy products, lean meat, fruits, eggs, and seafood. You may take yogurt, egg, fruit, and oatmeal in the daily breakfast and for lunch, protein shake is typically advised by the surgeons. You may take lean meat or fish with vegetables for your dinner. You may take a protein shake, protein supplement for getting protein diet that helps you to cut extra fats around your liver and abdomen. You can take thus protein supplement with fruit juice, low-fat milk and yogurt (fat-free)

What to Avoid:

There is a restricted diet guideline that helps you to avoid some certain foods. These foods will help you increase the energy levels and improves your overall health. These food choices will help to lower the size of your liver that is mandatory for gastric banding. There are numbers of food items that are not allowed before the surgical procedure such as sugary foods (cakes, pies, cookies), snacks that are high in carbohydrates (potatoes chips etc.), fats (butter, dairy products) and high-calorie beverages (sports drinks, alcoholic beverages, and soda,). This food restriction can cause the withdrawal symptoms such as fatigue and headache but it lasts sooner.


The pre-op diet for lap band not only helps you to improve the nutritional health and also prepare your body for post-op diet. Leave a comment and share your experience.