Real Estate Sale. Do you know how to ask the right questions?

When a Real Estate Agent Knows How to Ask Questions is Proof of Think.

In the Real Estate Sale the more intelligent questions you ask your client, the less objections you will find when displaying the property. The questions help you see the purchase, (not the sale), of the property from your client’s visa point. The more information you get about what the customer wants, the sooner you will know if your property meets the requirements he / she seeks.

Personally, I have never been worried about the objections that a client may put. What worries me is not knowing how to classify the client from the first moment I contact him by phone or email. This approach to the sale of real estate has helped me to expose my objections almost immediately.

This allows me to save a lot of time with customers and close sales with ease. Above all, it prevents me from showing properties that are not adequate. The answers to the questions I ask give me the information I need to know in advance what will be the most important objection that I must refute later when I show the property.

The answers I get to my questions help me put myself in the client’s situation with ease. In real estate sales, this is called “helping to buy.” Listening to the answers carefully helps me interpret what they are not telling me; what worries them, but they don’t say directly. In other words, I can perceive in most cases what the hidden objections are.

| Real Estate Sale: Ask the Right Questions.

In real estate sales if you ask the right questions you will avoid objections later. Asking intelligent questions has 2 objectives . First create a conversation with the client, so that he gives you information that he would not otherwise do. Second that the objections appear and are not hidden.

It is better that the client tells you what he does not like about the property, to answer you with the typical phrase, “… I will contact you …”

In other words, with the right questions you get the client to tell you the truth, tell you what he thinks. This does not mean that customers tend to tell lies. All of us faced with a purchase situation we put on a shield as a self defense mechanism . This shield has several forms depending on the personality, but they all have in common not to facilitate the truth unless we can trust the seller.

Smart questions are designed to make that shield disappear. An intelligent question is always answered with more or less information. This information is what you should analyze with your eyes and ears.

“The appropriate questions are those in which the client cannot answer with a” yes “or a” no “(the so-called open questions), and also feels obliged to answer them with the truth.”

This is achieved by asking questions in the right tone and with a grammatical twist that does not create animosity. You cannot ask personal questions at the beginning; for example: “what is your budget?” ; “How many children do you have?” You have  to earn the right to ask personal questions by first launching general non-personal questions to gain customer trust.

Smart questions provide information while asking the customer for information . The method to follow is to make a brief comment on why the question is asked before asking it and ask questions that you have prepared before. The result is not just an answer, (in most cases) , sincere; It also generates questions from the client.

In other words, in real estate sales , knowing that objections come with the territory, better appear as soon as possible . One of the objections that you need to appear as soon as possible is the objection regarding the price.

A person is interested in a property that has a price of $ 130,000. If you are interested it is because you can allow a property with this price. However; he will buy it or not depending on the value that you, as a real estate agent, show him that he has.

“The client will always comment, (= covert objections), on the price to convince himself that the value of the property for him / her is higher than its price.”

Real Estate Sale: Everything is reduced to Value and Price.

How can I help the client perceive the value that this property has for him / her? Asking questions. The answers will give you the information you need to show that the value is higher than its price.

But what path to take when the answers you get are telling you that this property is not suitable for the client? In this case you must be the first to indicate it and try not to lose it as a customer if you have a similar property in Park View City or anywhere you might be interested.

Rebate objections is not intended for the customer to buy; Your goal is to save time with the customer.

Objections in the sale of real estate worry too little experienced agents. Objections are made, because the client needs more information to convince himself that he is making the right decision, a decision that will cost him $ 130,000. Come on, you’re not buying a pair of jeans. Objections are necessary to buy and you, as a seller, must know how to answer them satisfactorily in order to sell.

“Many of the questions the client will ask you are covert objections. Try to ask them as soon as possible. Asking questions helps your client to ask you questions and not keep them . “

Real estate sale. Know Answer the Phone.  

I have always told real estate agents to prepare for customer calls, to ask 2-3 questions without creating animosity. These questions cannot be improvised. You have to prepare them beforehand and it is part of the job of preparing a property for sale in Islamabad.

When I advise my students, it takes us a couple of days to prepare the questions that should be asked of the clients and the answers to the questions that clients usually ask.

We divide the questions into 2 groups :

1.- general questions for almost all types of real estate

2.- Specific questions for each type of property

We do the same with the “bright” answers to general questions and specific questions. In no case can we know all the questions that a client will ask, but we do know 80% of those questions, so we can prepare in advance smart answers.

In summary; In real estate sales, the more questions you ask, the less objections you will encounter . And contrary to what many people think, the objection regarding price is the one that you will have to refute the least, because it is the one that will appear the least in the negotiation. Surprised? Learn to ask and you will check.

Choose your customers well, prepare questions for incoming calls and emails that you will receive. Ask smart questions and objections will become indicators that you are on the right track.

“With this approach, buy the client or not, you will always win. Either you will sell the property or save time. Why so much stir and fear with objections?”

Did you know that one of the most pressing real estate agent problems is not using your time effectively? This is because it is improvised too much and it is not known to generate that necessary conversation that precedes the purchase. Conversations are created by asking intelligent questions.

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