Top Moderate Restaurants in Casablanca

Are you planning to visit Morocco? Have you planned to visit Casablanca, which is also called the financial capital of Morocco? You might have heard from people that Casablanca is not worth visiting. It is not as exotic as the other cities of Morocco, so why waste time exploring Casa. Well, it is not the complete truth. Casablanca is an important city in Morocco and has many things to visit. The art and architecture of the city will amaze you. The food is delicious in the town, and guess what? You will be able to find all the cuisine in Casablanca.

Where to eat in Casablanca?

No matter in which city you are, you need to make sure that your stay is comfortable. You should know everything from where to stay into where to eat from. Casablanca is an industrial city and the financial hub in the region. So, foreigners come to make their future in Casablanca. There are numerous hotels where you can stay. The most interesting part is that you can choose a hotel as per your needs. If you can afford it, then book a room in a luxurious hotel. If you can’t afford it, then you can stay in a moderate hotel to say money.

Now comes the crucial part of your travel. What should you eat during your stay in Casablanca and where to get food from? Casablanca is a city where you can find plenty of fine dining options. It has numerous hotels and restaurants that serve traditional Moroccan food and international cuisines, as well. Be it the lunch, dinner of late-night foods, the restaurants serve the best food which is rich in taste and is affordable as well.

There are plenty of expensive restaurants in Casablanca where you can eat. But if you want to save your money then here are a few moderate restaurants in Casablanca:

  • Boccaccio:

No doubt, traditional Moroccan food is delicious. But if you are craving Italian food, then Boccaccio is the right place. It is the best place in Casablanca that serves Italian food including, pizza and pasta. You will enjoy eating your favorite Italian dish in Boccaccio as they use fresh products imported from Italy. The décor of the restaurant is fantastic. The dishes are super delicious and artful. They also serve wine. The staff at Boccaccio is friendly.

  • Resto Zayna:

You are in Morocco, and you don’t try Moroccan cuisine, then your tour is incomplete. Resto Zayna is the best place in Casablanca, where you can get the authentic Moroccan cuisine from. It is located a short walk from new Medina. This place stands out from other places in Casablanca because of providing friendly services. The food in Resto Zayna is super delicious; you would love to eat here.

  • LA Sqala:

Are you looking for an eatery that serves vegan and vegetarian-friendly food, then visit LA Sqala? It serves halal food, as well. You will enjoy eating Moroccan cuisine away from the bustle of town in this garden restaurant. They have a good collection of fresh juice. Since it serves halal food so there will be no alcohol available at LA Sqala. Live entertainment is also arranged three times a week. So, if you are visiting Casablanca, then don’t forget to try typical Moroccan specialties at LA Sqala.

  • Veggie: 

It is a vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Casablanca that serves:

  • Healthy
  • Contemporary
  • Fusion
  • European
  • Fast food

It is located 1.4 miles from the Hassan II mosque. Everything that is served is fresh and delicious. It is a warm place to discover delicious food. The service is excellent; food is excellent than what are you waiting for. You are in Casablanca then must visit Veggie. You can book a table in advance. They accept credit cards and master cards too. Free Wi-Fi is also available.

  • Organic Kitchen:

Organic kitchen is the next restaurant on the list that serves international, fusion, European, healthy, and vegetarian-friendly food. They start with the appetizers of their homemade glutton free bread. The organic kitchen is one of the best organic restaurants in Casablanca. It is located 1.3 miles from the Hassan II mosque.

The restaurant won the “certificate of excellence 2019” award. Their service is excellent, and the food is yummy. The restaurant is open till late at night. They serve halal food, and vegetarian options are also available. The free Wi-Fi is also available in the organic kitchen.

Bottom line:

Casablanca is a crowded city, but it is worth visiting. There are several places that attract tourists. The most satisfying part is that you can find many restaurants that serve super delicious food at reasonable rates. All the restaurants discussed above serve the best food at moderate prices. It means you can enjoy yummy Moroccan dishes without hitting your budget or breaking the bank.