Direct Response Video Marketing: How to stay ahead of the curve

Video marketing is already the hottest way to advertise online and is set to increase next year. More companies see online video marketing as the best way to promote products online. This trend will continue for some time at least as the results from direct response videos and Internet video marketing, in general, are proving to offer great returns for companies. More people are searching video sites for information and YouTube is the second largest search engine. That’s right people are using video sites as search engines looking for information. Video marketing will continue to dominate the advertising strategies for the near future until something else comes along. Read On!

What is direct response marketing?

Direct response marketing is a form of marketing aimed at soliciting a direct response from a specified target audience in a manner that is both measurable and definite. The response delivery takes place directly between the target viewer and the marketer/advertiser, the advantage of this medium is that the marketer/ advertiser receives a direct response from the audience without the involvement of a third party – the third as in the case of direct marketing could be an intermediary broadcast media.

The use of direct response video marketing is nothing new; from the days of infomercials, DRM has simply gained momentum but still plays with the same old rules that seem to defy smart corporate branding and technological innovations. Direct response marketing tricks come in handy to organizations seeking to utilize new media technologies in their marketing operations, so whether your firm is into video-on-demand, incorporated sponsorships or any of the many opportunities found online, you’ll find something useful in DRM.

Here are some tips on using DRM.

  • Visit the major cable data carriers i.e. Verizon, AT&T; and seek the audience of the person responsible for DRM and paid programming department.
  • Inquire from them about the chances of running your DRM campaigns in high definition. Please note that video infomercials have been customarily produced in a certain way, and this includes being recorded on cheap film, having exaggerated characters in both the actors and audience, but this doesn’t diminish the viewer’s response, meaning that advertisers are still able to make a kill.
  • As a corporate brand, it’s imperative that you do your DRM in high definition; HD enhances the appeal and demonstration of Direct Response Marketing.
  • You can also leverage YouTube advertising for your direct response campaign. You can buy YouTube likes to get more views on your videos.
  • Insist on using interactive ads as part of your direct Internet video marketing campaign strategy, the reason for this is that interactive messaging is popular in networks with younger audiences usually with the higher purchasing power.
  • Make good use of digital video recorders. Remember that people who watch infomercials, do so out of choice, hence are more likely to develop an interest in the product or service featured.
  • Lastly, find the affordable broadcast network to feature your video infomercial.