3 Best iOS Emulator for Android to run Apple apps

If you define that what is emulator then we can say that emulator is a software (or hardware) that allows one operating system to behave like another operating system such as using the iOS emulator you can create the iOS environment to your Android phone. It is very crucial that help you to run the apps and games of one operating system to another operating system like Android users can run the iOS apps on their Android devices. But they can’t run without an emulator. You can install these emulator apps using third-party APK files and enjoy your favorite iOS apps on your Android phone. You can use any iOS apps that are not designed for the Android operating system. Here, we will discuss some best iOS emulators for Android to run the Apple apps on your Android device.


The CIDER APK is a well-known iOS emulator that is available online for free of cost. It has the simple and user-friendly interface. Using this iOS emulator, you can feel the iOS environment on your Android device. But there are some requirements to proceed this app in your Android device. First of all, you need to have at least 512MB storage space to run this app but it works best with the 1 GB phone’s storage. On contrary, if you have less space than 512MB, it will slow down your device. Moreover, it is not available on the Google Play Store and you need to install it from third-party resources. You can enable this option from the security settings of your phone. After selecting this option, install this app and launch the iOS emulator. Now, get ready to enjoy all your most favorite apps on your smartphone without paying a single penny.

All in one iOS emulator:

All in one iOS emulator is a good emulator but it is not as popular as CIDER APK. It was designed by XDA developers and it became the first choice of most of the Android users. One of the biggest advantages of this emulator is that it has built-in Siri. Siri is a feature that makes the Apple phone most affluent but you can use this iOS emulator for free of cost. With Siri feature, it has also some notable features such as iOS music and iOS camera that make it the one of the best iOS emulator out there.

iEMU Apk

iEMU Apk is the first pick of most of the Android users when it comes to having iOS emulator for Android. It has a user-friendly interface and available for free like other iOS emulators. All you need to install it using unknown resources and run the Apple apps and games on Android. The best part of this emulator is that it doesn’t need a lot of storage space to install this app on your device. Moreover, it requires some basic system requirements to run this iOS emulator on your Android phone.


Hope the above information will help you to get the best iOS emulator for Android. These iOS emulators work on non-rooted devices and it will never slow down your Android device.